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Reducing Crimes Against Seniors

To contact us:  Email us at  or call us at (845) 638-5582

Triad Programs

Donate Your Old Cell Phone

Rockland County TRIAD is presently conducting a drive to collect cellular phones that have been deactivated and are no longer in service.  Our partners in this program are the National Sheriffs’ Association and the 911 Cell Phone Bank.
TRIAD will collect any cell phones no longer in use and send them to the 911 Cell Phone Bank.  They will restore the phones to their original condition, removing any personal data that may be remaining in the phone’s internal memory and insure the phone is operable.  Once these phones are reconditioned, they will be returned to Rockland County TRIAD and we will distribute them, based on need, to any senior citizen or special needs crime victim in Rockland County who cannot afford to have or maintain a cell phone account.
These reconditioned phones will only be capable of making 911 emergency calls
Please support our program and donate any cellular phones they may possess that are no longer activated.  These phones may someday save a life of a Rockland resident.  Once you have collected any phones, contact Rockland County TRIAD at (845) 638-5582 and we will arrange for one of our TRIAD volunteers to pick them up.
Also, please be aware that Rockland TRIAD has speakers available to give free presentations on crime issues that will hopefully establish an awareness and reduce the criminal victimization of our senior population.  Please call us at (845) 638-5582 to set up an appointment for us to speak to your group.



Rockland County TRIAD has developed a Medical Alert Program, free of charge for our senior population, that we hope will expedite the safe and rapid delivery of emergency medical services, should you have the misfortune of being seriously injured in an auto accident or become ill while in your motor vehicle. 

 The packet, a white envelope (with “MEDICAL ALERT DATA” printed on the outside in red), contains two red and white peel-off stickers for your vehicle and a booklet with spaces allocated to allow you to enter any or all of the following information: 

  • Personal Information (your name; address; home phone number & birthdate)
  • Emergency contact person's name and phone number 
  • Hospital preference
  • Medical history (brief)
  • Allergies (medications you may be allergic to)
  • Medications you are currently taking
  • Your personal physician's name and phone number 

Sample of the peel-off sticker

The peel-off stickers are to be applied to your front and rear bumper on either side of the license plate, but not on the license plate itself.

When the first responder arrives at the scene, the sticker on the bumper will signify to that responder that there is a white envelope containing your medical information in the glove box.  If  it’s necessary for you to be transported to a hospital, the responder will provide the emergency staff with the information contained in your booklet.

Additional alert booklets will be available for your spouse, relative, or other persons who routinely are passengers in your vehicle.  If you own or operate more than one vehicle, additional kits will be provided.


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